Copter! Development Team

Note: Duties are listed in order of priority. Members are listed in chronological order. Only developers that have been active are listed here. Some people applied to the project, but haven't done anything. If you are one of these people, please E-Mail me to be added to the list. If for some other reason you believe you should be on this list and have been omited, please E-Mail me and notify me of the error.

Also, the duties listed here aren't exact. We all do a little of everything. :)

Peter Krisho (E-Mail)
Founder / Gameplay Designer

Jey Kottalam (E-Mail)
Software Engineer / Programmer
was: Lead Software Engineer / Lead Programmer

Chong Kai Xiong (E-Mail)
Software Engineer / Programmer
was: The Entire 3D Engine Department

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba (E-Mail)
Technical Advisor

Kai Schutte (E-Mail)
3D Engine Lead Programmer and Engineer

Nicolay Ramm (E-Mail)
Lead CopterED Developer / Software Engineer

Joel Lisenby (E-Mail)
Lead 3D Modeler & Animator / Webmaster

Erlend Røsjø (E-Mail)
3D Artist

We all thank Source Forge for allowing us to use there services

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