6-18-00: Radium

   I have added the 'Guidelines of Organization' to the 'Info' section of the site so be sure and check it out.

6-12-00: Radium

   Netscape problems are now worked out.

6-11-00: Radium

   The site as gotten a major make-over because of troubles with Netscape Navigator. The problems are almost completely cleared up but for now I'd recommend useing IE 5.x the white bottom will be figured out as soon as possable.

6-6-00: Radium

   Updates to the site: Info/Progress explaination, Navigation bar switches, and the 'HTML Nav' now has all the buttons. No real news so far but I'll keep you informed if there is any. :P

5-30-00: Radium

   Welcome to the first update of the Copter site. Sorry about haveing the news section down but there hasnt really been any news to put up here. Whenever there's any news feel free to E-Mail me and tell me what's up.

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