Welcome to the official Copter! homepage

What is Copter!?

      Copter! is a civil helicopter simulator currently being developed by a group of fanatics under a GNU Public License. That means Copter! is 100% free. Open Source has created many miracles and we hope that this will be another.

      So, what exactly is Copter!, It is an unofficial sequel to SimCopter, the first 3D Maxis Sim game. SimCopter had a brilliant idea, but lack of the 3d cards and powerful systems of today this game sadly became outdated. but with the help of our team the idea of this game is going to get a more modern update. Don't get us wrong we are creating brand new game, but with philosophy of SimCopter.

Facts about Copter!:


  • Copter! will be developed and distributed under GNU license. That means, freely.


  • Copter! is cross-platform game. Currently Win32/Linux versions are under works. For other platforms, see specifications under 'progress'.


  • Copter! will be modular, meaning it will be possible to create mods for this game.


  • Copter! will use OpenGL for 3d rendering, OpenAL for 3d sound rendering and SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) for common things. No Glide support, sorry :)


  • Current status is pseudo coding and planning. Actual coding starting soon!

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